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Buy and Sell Podiatry Practices, Podiatrist Practices For Sale, Podiatry Practice For Sale


                                      BUYER & SELLER DOCTORS

                     From Initial Inquiry To Close of Transaction



Medical Mavin, Ltd., an experienced medical practice consulting firm, facilitates the buying and selling of practices and protects the Seller's and Buyer's interests, identity and integrity of the sale and any proprietary information received by either party. To deter creating a competitive environment amongst podiatrists and prevent patient inconvenience during the process is one of our goals. Medical Mavin's policy is simple: We believe every practice has a marketable value which enables a dedicated, hard working doctor to be successful.




​When a doctor calls Medical Mavin and is interested in selling or buying a practice, Medical Mavin's sales representative will explain our services and concepts, and briefly interview the doctor by telephone. The doctor will then be sent a package containing general information about selling or buying a practice, an explanation of Medical Mavin's role in the transaction, and standard Confidentiality and Fee Agreements. The relationship of the parties is governed by these agreements, which must be promptly signed and returned to Medical Mavin. The Fee Agreement is an exclusive contract and has a minimum term of one year. The Letter of Confidentiality protects the Seller’s and Buyer’s identity, the integrity of the sale and any proprietary information received by either party. Once Medical Mavin is in receipt of a properly executed Fee Agreement and signed Letter of Confidentiality the process begins.



After the required information is received by Medical Mavin, the practice will be advertised in prominent podiatric journals and various marketing methods will be used to attract and match the Buyers and Sellers based on geographic preferences.  When there is a match, Medical Mavin will notify the Buyer and from the ensuing discussion, determine whether or not a sales prospectus shall be sent.  If after reviewing the information the Buyer is interested in the Seller’s practice, Medical Mavin will arrange a meeting between the doctors. Medical Mavin will consult and advise the Buyer of pertinent items and questions that should be addressed at the meeting.  




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